Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lunchtime fun

Well, I shouldn't say lunchtime, but rather mid-day... all of this happened in the span of about 30 minutes.

1.) While I was making lunch, B and E went into the guest room/office and decided the return address labels are fun stickers and used them on their bellies.

2.) Apparently going on the tangent of the address labels, the boys were orally writing letters to all sorts of people as they ate lunch. Here are a few I can remember...
Dear Aunt Andi, you have a lot of fun toys in your room. Please keep them so I can play with them the next time I come over.

Dear Gramma Rose, have a fun time at your birthday party at Papa John and your house.

Dear Santa, have fun on Christmas. Don't forget your sleigh.
3.) For a special treat after lunch, I gave the boys some of the monkey bread I had left from a brunch this morning. B didn't eat all of his, and upon seeing this, E said, "I better eat this."

4.) As I was finishing up cleaning up lunch, Grandma Jane called. The boys went to play downstairs as I talked to her. Pretty soon, E came upstairs with his scissors. Seeing the scissors, I got a bit worried, and with good reason. I asked him what he was doing. He said something like, "B and I are cutting some of our hair because it is pretty long." After having a heart attack, I ran downstairs to find both of them had cut random chunks of hair off of the top of their heads.

5.) I regain composure after the hair-cutting incident. E is now in the bathroom with the door closed. I figure he is going potty (he is on this kick now about needing privacy), so I knocked to check on him. When he didn't answer, I opened the door to find him putting on my make-up, his face full of blush and lipstick. Unfortunately, I cleaned him up too fast to get a picture of that one!

Ahhh... what a morning! :)

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workout mommy said...

never a dull moment, is there?
(they are very cute though!)