Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm Making Mommy Crazy!

B and E watched an episode of "Super Why!" the other day, a PBS show in which the heroes dive into books to solve problems. The episode they watched involved the book "The Little Red Hen." This conversation happened later in the day...

Okay, boys, who will help me with the laundry? Then we can go play outside and water the plants.

Boys: Not me! (Giggle)

Mom: Oh, fellas. I really need the help. I am really tired from taking you to the pool and my belly is getting so big. I really need some big boy helpers. (The "big boy helpers" line would normally get me help in an instant, so I thought it was a winner.)

Boys: Not me! (More giggling)

Mom: (Time to pull out the big guns) Well, I guess if I have to do all of this work all by myself, I am going to be MUCH too tired to make you ice cream for dessert later tonight.

Boys: Okay! (Hilarious laughing ensues)

I pick up the clothes basket and go downstairs to do the laundry myself, at which point (I KID YOU NOT) I hear the boys yelling this as they jump on my bed...

Boys: I'm making Mommy crazy! I'm making Mommy crazy! I'm making Mommy crazy!

Okay, so, lots of learning was done here. The fellas learned the WRONG lesson from the story on the show, learning how to refuse to help, and Mommy was reminded yet again of the necessity to tell instead of ask when something needs to get done.

Oh, the joy of being a mom to two boys!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fancy Dresses

On Monday morning, E and B were upstairs playing when I heard the conversation turn to dresses. Of course, my ears perked up, and here is an idea of what went on...
Let's wear our fancy dresses!

Yes, let's go dancing!

Okay, let's go dancing right NOW!

Wait, let me get on my fancy dress!

Okay, get on your fancy dress so we can go dancing.

(They come down the stairs and head for the stage/bay window.)

Hooray for dancing! I like your fancy dress!

I like yours, too!
Here is a picture of the boys in their "fancy dresses" on the way to go dancing. B is wrapped up in my bath rope and E has his Cubs blanket wrapped around his waist.

I honestly have no idea where this whole idea came up! It isn't like hubby and I are putting on fancy clothes and going out dancing all of the time. I do have to say, he was thrilled to hear about the boys dressing up in fancy dresses. :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Trip to the ER...

Well, for our excitement this morning, we got to visit the local ER. B and E were playing downstairs together while I tried to eat some breakfast. I heard some coughing and choking, ran downstairs, and soon came to find that B swallowed a nickel. Why he had the nickel in his mouth, I have no idea. Anyway, off to the emergency room we went to make sure that it wasn't lodged in his trachea or his esophagus. We did try to find an immediate care center nearby, but the one in town only takes kids 14 and up and could not direct me anywhere else. That was not very helpful.

So, we were off to the local hospital. It was nice to find that the ER was only 5 minutes away. We didn't have to wait too long before going through triage (the pic above is the boys watching "The Wiggles" in the waiting room). After two hours, an x-ray, two suckers, and a month's worth of stickers, we determined that the nickel had made its way to B's stomach. Now, we just have to watch for it to come out the other side in the next few days. Oh the fun never ends!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A First Visit to the Dentist

E and B went for their first dentist appointment today. Everything went pretty well. B was a little hesitant, but E jumped right in the chair on his turn. The fellas got to pick a flavor of toothpaste: mint, strawberry, cherry, or cookie dough! They also got to pick whether they wanted mint or cherry flouride. The flouride treatment today is so much easier than when I was a kid! Rather than having to bite into styrofoam trays, the flouride treatment is spread on teeth with a paint brush and then left to soak in. They just had to avoid hard foods for 4-6 hours. It was painless!

The visit was great, and both of the boys got excellent reports on their teeth. Hopefully this visit set a good precedent and our future visits will all go as smoothly!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Time Keeps on Tickin', Tickin', Tickin'...

Yesterday seemed to be one of those really great summer days. In the morning, B, E, and I met some friends at a pool and water park in a neighboring town. The boys played in the water while I (at least at some points) got to have some adult conversation. After finishing with our swimming adventures, we all ate lunch outside near the pool, and then enjoyed a long nap at home. After dinner last night, hubby and I took the boys to the park around the corner, where we played together for over an hour and then came home to play even more, washing hubby's car and watering the plants. To end the day, we all came in and had some ice cream. It was a perfect day, the kind that seem to permeate my memories of summer as a kid.

However, as the day winded down, I realized that summer's days are numbered. Days are getting shorter, and school will start before we know it. I mean, the days are already getting shorter! It just makes me really savor the fun we are having now.

Time isn't just flying with summer either - all of life seems to be speeding by! Yesterday, I officially reached the end of my 28th week of pregnancy. I am subscribed to an email update that tells us what is going on with the baby each week, and this week it told me there are 84 days until my due date - ONLY 84 DAYS!!! That is just crazy to me, especially because I will probably have my c-section scheduled at least a few days before that. 84 days. 12 weeks. 12 weekends in which to get stuff done (including this one)! I started to think of all of the things that I want to get done before Z arrives, not just to be ready for him, but to be caught up in all areas of our life. I started making a list of things to do before the delivery. In the first ten minutes, I generated 32 items for the list, everything from buying and installing window treatments in Z's room to developing all of our pictures and getting them into albums. I think we are in trouble.

I shouldn't just say that I want time to slow down because of all of the things that we have to do. I also want it to slow down so I can really savor all of the pre-baby things I have to enjoy: sleep, the chance to leave the house (fairly) easily, but most importantly, spending time just snuggling and loving the two boys I already have. I know life will be exponentially more hectic with the addition of a new infant to our home, throwing everything into chaos for a while, and I am trying to enjoy life the way it is - the calm before the storm. :)

Am I really excited for fall to come and Z to arrive? YES! Do I seem to miss him even though I haven't even met him yet? You bet. But am I happy to have some time before he arrives? Yes. I am totally conflicted about the passage of time, which I guess means I am no different from everyone else in the world. Everything is as it should be.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Botanic Garden

Last week on Wednesday we went to the Chicago Botanic Garden with a college friend and her young son. I had never been there - the grounds (at least the ones we saw) were gorgeous!

We made sure to hit the highlights for the fellas, which included the railroad garden and the fountains. The railroad garden was really cool, with large-scale model trains running through replicas of different parts of the US, built completely with natural materials! E and B loved all of the trains, and a highlight was the Thomas train pulling Annie and Clarabelle!

E and B checking out some trains going by San Francisco

Thomas, pulling Annie and Clarabelle, drove by James - it was like seeing celebrities!

B showing how excited he was to play in the fountains after coming out of the railroad garden. The only thing that could pull the boys away was the promise of fruit snacks. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Local Swimming Hole

Over this past week, things have been pretty laid back here. We have been blessed with some gorgeous weather, so we have taken advantage with trips to the local pool as well as some time in the pool in our own backyard.

B and E enjoy watering the plants just as much as playing in the pool - if not more.

Ahhh... brotherly love

E turning his slide into a "water slide"

B landing in the pool - I think the hose water was still a little cold. :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Quick Swing by the Lincoln Park Zoo

Z and I had a doctor appointment in Chicago bright and early Tuesday morning, so after that quick visit, B, E, and I took the bus 3/4 of a mile south to the Lincoln Park Zoo. We had a great time, although the hot sun definitely took its toll on two 2.5-year-olds and their pregnant mommy.

We hit the children's zoo first, and of course one of the highlights of the area was the continuously running water fountain...

The boys distinctly remembered that they had gotten to ride a carousel the last time we were at the zoo, so we had to find that really quickly. All of the animals on the carousel are endangered species.

E on a spectacled bear

B on a cheetah

Of course, we did see some animals, one of which was this creepy looking crocodile. He was just laying there with his mouth wide open, as if waiting for a little child to fall right in. We didn't hang around that exhibit too long...