Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Half Birthday, B and E!

We reached a momentous milestone on Monday when B and E reached the ripe old age of two-and-a-half. Although it wasn't a day of gifts and giant parties, we did find some time to celebrate how far both of the fellas have come in the last six months. In honor of the occasion, E, B, and I baked a giant chocolate chip cookie during the afternoon, which they got to decorate with their dad after dinner.

Everything started innocently enough, with hubby helping the boys squeeze out frosting onto the cookie and spread it with their knives.

Quickly, things went downhill as hubby and I realized that the boys were no longer decorating the cookie. Instead, as he squeezed out frosting for them to spread, they were reaching down to the cookie, PICKING UP THE FROSTING, and putting it in their mouths. Here, B is demonstrating his technique.

Once we realized how bad the frosting situation was, we cut off access. :) We cut up the cookie, and everyone did enjoy a big piece. E loved his piece with the blue frosting (which, of course, he ate before the rest of the cookie).

In all seriousness, when I look back, I can't believe how many big strides both E and B have made in the last six months. Here are a few of the things I really see that are different from December 30th...

1. Language - As I have written before, I can't believe how much B and E talk. A month or so after their birthday, their language expression really exploded, and they haven't looked back since. Each day, I hear new words, phrases, and expressions that surprise me.

2. Imagination - I have been really pleasantly surprised with how much the boys' imaginations has grown in the last six months. When I think back to their birthday, I remember how much modeling of pretend situations I was doing, like cooking food. Now, the fellas come up with their own games and stories to play out every day, everything from having a picnic in the basement to flying airplanes in their room (of course, for that one, you have to keep your toes under the blanket or you fall out!).

3. Memory - Every day, I am constantly surprised at how much B and E remember. It is still hard for me to keep in mind that they DO remember things - it seems like not that long ago that they forgot what happened in the morning by the time they got up from naps. I have seen this memory surface in everyday conversations, like when they remembered the teacher's name from our 1 hour class at the Arboretum a month after it happened (I probably forgot before the end of the class!), and when they ask me "Mom, do you remember when...?" E especially loves to "read" books, too, and he can recite back the words in books that are repetitious or that he has heard a lot. A current favorite is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?" by Eric Carle.

4. Size - Although they have grown in size, we are definitely bracing for a growth spurt here. E and B have only grown about an inch since their birthday, and their weight has remained basically the same. The one place we have seen growth is that the boys outgrew their size seven shoes after nine months in March, and then at the end of June they had already outgrown their size eights.

5. Singing - I guess this could qualify under some of the other categories, too. B and E both have really picked up on the words to songs, and they LOVE to sing for us! Some of our favorites are "ABC...," "Twinkle, Twinkle," and my all-time favorite, "Happy Birthday." We currently hear "Happy Birthday" at least five times a day, and the current favorite to sing to is Grandma C. - nevermind that her birthday isn't until December!

These are just a few of the ways that we have seen growth in our boys. I can't wait to see what comes between now and December!

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