Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Quick Swing by the Lincoln Park Zoo

Z and I had a doctor appointment in Chicago bright and early Tuesday morning, so after that quick visit, B, E, and I took the bus 3/4 of a mile south to the Lincoln Park Zoo. We had a great time, although the hot sun definitely took its toll on two 2.5-year-olds and their pregnant mommy.

We hit the children's zoo first, and of course one of the highlights of the area was the continuously running water fountain...

The boys distinctly remembered that they had gotten to ride a carousel the last time we were at the zoo, so we had to find that really quickly. All of the animals on the carousel are endangered species.

E on a spectacled bear

B on a cheetah

Of course, we did see some animals, one of which was this creepy looking crocodile. He was just laying there with his mouth wide open, as if waiting for a little child to fall right in. We didn't hang around that exhibit too long...

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