Monday, October 13, 2008

New Baby Z Finally Arrived!

I am so excited to announce that our new little boy Z has arrived! He was born on Thursday, October 2nd, at 4:10pm. He was 7 lbs., 12 oz., at birth and 21" long. Everyone is doing great!

Z did in fact hold out for his scheduled c-section. Hubby and I headed off to the hospital around 11 in the morning for our 2:15pm surgery. It was a bit surreal to walk into the hospital and tell them I was there for my surgery appointment - too much like a dinner reservation for my taste, but I guess that is the way it goes. Here is a last belly picture that we took on our way out the door to the hospital.

After a few delays because of a really busy day in the ORs, I walked down for surgery at around 3:5opm. (Yes, another totally weird thing to me is that I had to take myself to the operating room. What kind of service is that?! Aren't they afraid I could slip and fall while wearing those booty/sock things they make you wear?! "Here hop up on the operating table so we can stick this giant needle in your back..." Too odd. But I digress...) Z was born 20 minutes later. For this birth, the surgery went much smoother than it did with the twins. I stayed awake the whole time, and it was great to be able to see Z in his dad's arms while the doctors finished everything up. Z had a few tricks up his sleeve for the doctors, too. Apparently he was biting the doctor's fingers while she tried to deliver him, and once he was out, he peed on her!

In spite of his reluctance to leave my body, baby Z did great with the delivery. As soon as we got to the recovery room, he was ready to eat (and, I might add, he has been a great eater ever since). Once he was done eating, Z got his first bath, too. Here are some of his first pictures from the recovery room.

During our time in the recovery room, Z got to hang out with hubby and I and meet three of his grandparents.

His first picture with Mom and Dad

We made it up to our room around 7:00pm, where we visited some more with the grandparents before settling in for the night. On his first night, Z did a great job sleeping, although I wish I could say the same for his constantly worrying mom! :)

Friday morning, we were thrilled to have B and E come up to the hospital to meet their new little brother for the first time. (They spent the weekend with their grandparents.) It was so great to see how excited the boys were to meet their little brother for the first time. Here is the first pic of all four of my fellas together.

Both of the twins got their coats of right away so they could get a chance to hold their brother, too. However, as excited as B and E were to meet Z, all of the above happened in a span of about ten minutes. The boys were also excited about something else - the cupcakes Grandma Jane baked and brought up to the hospital! They ripped into those like nobody's business. :)

Overall, Z's birth went really well, and I can't really think of anything that we wish could have gone differently. His first week at home went well, too, especially since hubby was able to stay home from work for the week. We are so thrilled he is finally here!

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