Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Lest anyone think that things are going too smoothly around here...

This morning, I was folding some laundry, and B and E were playing in their room. I wasn't hearing too much noise coming out of there, and although I knew there could be trouble, I figured that a few stuffed animals tossed around the room was a small price to pay for a block of time to finish a load of laundry.

After about ten minutes, I braced myself and then peeked into B and E's room. I looked around, and thought, "Hey, this really isn't that bad!" A few animals around, a few books, no big deal. E and B had closed themselves into their closet, and they were playing so nicely in there. It was so sweet!

Until I opened the closet door.

When I did, out poured the blankets from their beds as well as all kinds of diapers and clothes. As I stared in astonishment, I realized that EVERY piece of clothing that was hanging in their closet (on both the low and high racks) was on the floor (with many of the hangers broken), every piece of clothing that was in a box because it was too small had been dumped out, and every Pull-Up that we had in the diaper hanger was thrown haphazardly throughout the closet. Yes, it was a full-blown mess.

I should have taken a picture so you could all appreciate the craziness, but honestly, every single one of my brain cells at that point was working on mustering up the patience not to freak out. B told me how he used a box (the one that was full of small clothes) to climb up and reach the top rack. He and his brother had some sort of imagination-filled explanation as to why it was necessary to take down all of the clothes. I wish I remembered (was it dinosaur food? part of a roller coaster?), but again, my brain was busy at the time.

As my journey with two two-year-old boys continues, I am constantly presented (or hit over the head with, whatever you prefer) with a lesson about patience and realizing the things that really are a big deal. Hitting? Big deal. Biting? Big deal. Clothes innocently strewn all over the floor in the interest of some good imaginative play? Not a big deal.

Gotta love that the biggest lessons in my life right now are coming from my two-year-old kids!

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