Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'm Making Mommy Crazy!

B and E watched an episode of "Super Why!" the other day, a PBS show in which the heroes dive into books to solve problems. The episode they watched involved the book "The Little Red Hen." This conversation happened later in the day...

Okay, boys, who will help me with the laundry? Then we can go play outside and water the plants.

Boys: Not me! (Giggle)

Mom: Oh, fellas. I really need the help. I am really tired from taking you to the pool and my belly is getting so big. I really need some big boy helpers. (The "big boy helpers" line would normally get me help in an instant, so I thought it was a winner.)

Boys: Not me! (More giggling)

Mom: (Time to pull out the big guns) Well, I guess if I have to do all of this work all by myself, I am going to be MUCH too tired to make you ice cream for dessert later tonight.

Boys: Okay! (Hilarious laughing ensues)

I pick up the clothes basket and go downstairs to do the laundry myself, at which point (I KID YOU NOT) I hear the boys yelling this as they jump on my bed...

Boys: I'm making Mommy crazy! I'm making Mommy crazy! I'm making Mommy crazy!

Okay, so, lots of learning was done here. The fellas learned the WRONG lesson from the story on the show, learning how to refuse to help, and Mommy was reminded yet again of the necessity to tell instead of ask when something needs to get done.

Oh, the joy of being a mom to two boys!

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