Thursday, July 17, 2008

Botanic Garden

Last week on Wednesday we went to the Chicago Botanic Garden with a college friend and her young son. I had never been there - the grounds (at least the ones we saw) were gorgeous!

We made sure to hit the highlights for the fellas, which included the railroad garden and the fountains. The railroad garden was really cool, with large-scale model trains running through replicas of different parts of the US, built completely with natural materials! E and B loved all of the trains, and a highlight was the Thomas train pulling Annie and Clarabelle!

E and B checking out some trains going by San Francisco

Thomas, pulling Annie and Clarabelle, drove by James - it was like seeing celebrities!

B showing how excited he was to play in the fountains after coming out of the railroad garden. The only thing that could pull the boys away was the promise of fruit snacks. :)

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