Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Trip to the ER...

Well, for our excitement this morning, we got to visit the local ER. B and E were playing downstairs together while I tried to eat some breakfast. I heard some coughing and choking, ran downstairs, and soon came to find that B swallowed a nickel. Why he had the nickel in his mouth, I have no idea. Anyway, off to the emergency room we went to make sure that it wasn't lodged in his trachea or his esophagus. We did try to find an immediate care center nearby, but the one in town only takes kids 14 and up and could not direct me anywhere else. That was not very helpful.

So, we were off to the local hospital. It was nice to find that the ER was only 5 minutes away. We didn't have to wait too long before going through triage (the pic above is the boys watching "The Wiggles" in the waiting room). After two hours, an x-ray, two suckers, and a month's worth of stickers, we determined that the nickel had made its way to B's stomach. Now, we just have to watch for it to come out the other side in the next few days. Oh the fun never ends!

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